Facts about March Madness

March Madness is just around the corner. Here are facts about this event. | Image source: CFB Roundtable

March Madness is just around the corner. Here are facts about this event. | Image source: CFB Roundtable

As a graduate coordinator, I understand completely how important March Madness is to students around campus. Many of them would support their favorite teams in the final weeks of the college basketball season.

How well do these students know about March Madness though? If you may allow me to, I’ll present a few facts which I know about March Madness. While I’m not much of a basketball guy myself, I can definitely say something based on experience.

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Valentine’s Day for Grad Students

Students dating within the campus. | Image source: Lipstiq

Students dating within the campus. | Image source: Lipstiq

Graduate school is serious business, and we all know that. But every once in a while, we really need to unwind and catch up on our personal lives. Yet not all grad students can do so due to commitments when it comes to academic matters. After all, why would we even prioritize mundane things over post-grad studies which we invested much time and money in?

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Alternative Activities to You Can Do on Black Friday

Anti Black Friday

Why shop on Black Friday when you can do other things that don’t require shopping? // Photo Source: Madeline Bea

Let’s be real here for a second: is it really necessary for you to go shopping on Black Friday? Granted, there are plenty of great things for sale during the day after Thanksgiving, but there’s more to the occasion than just shopping the day away. So if you want to steer clear of the shops and stores on Black Friday this year, consider these fun activities you can do while the rest of the crowd flock retail outlets for their discount shopping fix.

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Clever DIY Decorations for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpiece

Get creative when you’re thinking of decorating your family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner table! // Photo Source: Owoto

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and if you’re looking to jazz up your family’s annual holiday dinner with some fun yet inexpensive decorations, then you’re in luck! Put your artistic skills to good use and check out these wonderful DIY suggestions on sprucing up your Thanksgiving dinner table. From inventive placeholders to creative napkin displays, here are some great ideas on how you can charm your family for the holiday even before they dig in to the scrumptious Thanksgiving feast waiting for them.

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Tips on Decluttering Your College Dorm Room

Messy Room

Does this look like your dorm room now? If so, then you need to read this guide on how you can declutter your messy space. // Photo Source: Dr. Declutter Blog

The thing with living in a college dorm room is that the space is often limited and, more often than not, it can easily get messy especially if you don’t find the time to clean up. This can be quite frustrating, even more so if you have a roommate who is also having trouble keeping your living space neat and clean. Now that Thanksgiving is almost near and with the possibility of going home for the holiday, you certainly don’t want to leave your dorm room in an unkempt state and come back to it looking just as cluttered as you left it. So what are you to do when your dorm room is just begging to have a spring cleaning session, even if it’s still fall? Not to worry: here are some helpful decluttering tips to make your dorm room look fit for habitation.

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Cinematic Touchdowns: Best Movies to See During Football Season

Friday Night Lights

Celebrate the arrival of football season with a host of movies that celebrate this fine American sport. // Photo Source: Wrenn’s Write Brainers

Football season is highly anticipated among fans of the sport, particularly in high school and collegiate levels. It is usually during this period when talent scouts from major teams in American football look for prospective players that they hope to recruit as a professional athlete of the National Football League (NFL). There’s plenty of mixed emotions involved when the subject of football comes up, for both the players of the sport and the thousands of fans who support their home teams. So in the spirit of football season, here are some great movies which showcase the sport in scholastic circuits—and even one featuring the high-stakes professional arena!

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Staying Productive During Winter Break

People walking in snowfall

Just because it’s winter break doesn’t mean you can’t be productive during this period. // Photo Source: ABQ Journal

Before you know it, winter break is just around the corner and it’ll give you a chance to take a breather from school, particularly if you’re in college. And while this period away from school may sound like heaven, it simply just wouldn’t do if you just spent the entire time lazing about. Just think of all the good things you can do with your spare time this winter. So if you’d rather do something fun and productive during winter break as opposed to lounging about in your home, here are some great suggestions you might want to consider.

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Reasons Why Racial Diversity in Schools is Important

Racially diverse children

The future of our nation depends on schools being more racially diverse. // Photo Source: Huffington Post

The United States of America is a melting pot of various cultures that it’s interesting to see how the social landscape has evolved because of such diversity. In today’s schools, it’s not that remarkable to see Caucasian kids hanging out with students of Asian, Hispanic, or African-American backgrounds. It’s a situation that, in American schools of yore, would have been highly controversial, if not almost unthinkable. Even though the nation has come a long way from confronting the issues of slavery and civil rights, racism is still a rampant black cloud that lingers over American society despite the US having a biracial President with some African heritage.

In order to combat racial discrimination, kids need to be taught the importance of valuing and understanding people from various ethnic backgrounds. This is why racial diversity in schools should be viewed as a good thing for the young generation of today, and here are several other reasons why schools in the US should be more open to accepting students of color.

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Bright Young Things: Four Celebrity Role Models for Teen Girls

Emma Watson and Ban Ki-Moon

Emma Watson seated next to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon. // Photo Source: Vanderbilt Political Review

Recently, Harry Potter alumna Emma Watson made headlines when she delivered a speech about feminism and gender equality at a United Nations summit. The 24-year-old British actress received a standing ovation from the dignitaries present in the UN assembly, and news of her speech gained strong support from her peers in the field of arts and entertainment. The world certainly needs more uplifting and positive figures like Emma, because people like her are trying to make our world a better place to live in. Luckily, she is not alone when it comes to being inspirational role models for teen girls everywhere, as these five notable young celebrity ladies have shown with class and elegance.

WARNING: mentions of subjects like bulimia, self-harm, and body images issues under the cut, so please be aware before clicking the cut.

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Pros & Cons of Living Away from Home in College

Mother and daughter

Are you ready to live life in college without your Mom and Dad? // Photo Source: Huffington Post

With the fall semester already kicking into high gear for many students, the one aspect that plenty of kids in college are adjusting to is living away from their parents for the first time. For some, this is a cause for celebration; for others, it may also be a cause for despair. The great thing about college is getting to explore things outside of one’s comfort zone, and living away from home is a common experience that students have varying reactions with. Let’s take a moment to see the pros and cons on having to live without the guidance of parents once kids graduate from high school.

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