Valentine’s Day for Grad Students

Students dating within the campus. | Image source: Lipstiq

Students dating within the campus. | Image source: Lipstiq

Graduate school is serious business, and we all know that. But every once in a while, we really need to unwind and catch up on our personal lives. Yet not all grad students can do so due to commitments when it comes to academic matters. After all, why would we even prioritize mundane things over post-grad studies which we invested much time and money in?

However, I do encourage taking a break. Working and studying too hard is going to burn you out. A lot of students—despite not having frequent and regular classes—do find it difficult to even think of prioritizing their families and loved ones. And now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, I don’t really see why they shouldn’t take some time to spend the day with their special ones.

I encourage you, therefore, to momentarily drop your books, temporarily halt working on your thesis or dissertation, and just go out on a romantic dinner or anything you want to do! I urge you to spend some time dating, bonding with your partner, or simply hanging out with your friends, since the 14th is a special day after all, and it falls on a Saturday.

This shouldn’t only be the case during Valentine’s Day. From time to time, relax and take a breather. You’ll get burnt out if you just face books and papers all the time. I’m sure you have a lot of vacant moments where you may do whatever you please. You have to remember that your life is not part of your academics, but essentially the other way around.

So this Valentine’s Day, always remember that you shouldn’t take yourself for granted. Don’t wait until graduation to enjoy life. Go out and get more out of the very special day.


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