Alternative Activities to You Can Do on Black Friday

Anti Black Friday

Why shop on Black Friday when you can do other things that don’t require shopping? // Photo Source: Madeline Bea

Let’s be real here for a second: is it really necessary for you to go shopping on Black Friday? Granted, there are plenty of great things for sale during the day after Thanksgiving, but there’s more to the occasion than just shopping the day away. So if you want to steer clear of the shops and stores on Black Friday this year, consider these fun activities you can do while the rest of the crowd flock retail outlets for their discount shopping fix.

Holiday Parades and Lights

Places like San Antonio, Portland, and Seattle are just some of the cities where they often do holiday parades after Thanksgiving. Over in Chicago, Black Friday is usually the time when holiday light displays are officially turned on, especially in Lincoln Park Zoo. So if you happen to live in or near any of the aforementioned locations, then skip the stores and enjoy the holiday spirit with some sparkling lights and parades.

Soak Up the Culture

Here’s a fun tip: museums are even in on the whole Black Friday thing by offering special events and discounts to visitors! So if you want to spend your money on absorbing culture and knowledge as opposed to material things like electronics and clothes, this is perfect for you. Just some of the cool stuff happening this year includes two-for-one admissions at the Frost Museum of Science in Miami and free craft beer samples at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.

Go Watch a Movie

The long Thanksgiving weekend is also a perfect opportunity for you to catch up (or even re-watch) all the good Hollywood movies that have been released this month and are still screening in theaters. There’s something for everyone as kids will enjoy the colorful Big Hero 6 by Disney, teens will rave over the thrills of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 by Lionsgate, and adults will have something to think about in Interstellar by Warner Bros.


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