Tips on Decluttering Your College Dorm Room

Messy Room

Does this look like your dorm room now? If so, then you need to read this guide on how you can declutter your messy space. // Photo Source: Dr. Declutter Blog

The thing with living in a college dorm room is that the space is often limited and, more often than not, it can easily get messy especially if you don’t find the time to clean up. This can be quite frustrating, even more so if you have a roommate who is also having trouble keeping your living space neat and clean. Now that Thanksgiving is almost near and with the possibility of going home for the holiday, you certainly don’t want to leave your dorm room in an unkempt state and come back to it looking just as cluttered as you left it. So what are you to do when your dorm room is just begging to have a spring cleaning session, even if it’s still fall? Not to worry: here are some helpful decluttering tips to make your dorm room look fit for habitation.

Sort out the mess

Arm yourself with a pair of rubber gloves, some heavy-duty trash bags, and some cardboard boxes. Using these materials, you can start sorting out things in your dorm room by delegating those things that you can throw away (garbage bags) and keeping things you still want to use (cardboard boxes). If you’re willing to part with things you don’t need anymore but they can still be used by others, you can opt to sell them or donate your used items to charity. If you have a roommate, it’s best to do the sorting together so you’ll accomplish the task quickly. Segregating is the first step to cleaning your dorm room in a systematic manner.

Perform basic cleaning procedures

Even though you might have cleared your dorm room of unnecessary clutter, you still need to make it clean. Grab some brooms, mops, and cleaning rags so you can do a thorough cleaning job in your room. Sweep the floor of dirt before wiping it down with a damp mop. For surfaces like your desk and windows, spray a bit of disinfecting cleaning fluid and then thoroughly rub it around the area to keep it sanitary. Keep in mind to do this at least every week so your room will look and smell fresh and inviting. And it can be expensive to spend on store-bought cleaning materials on a college student budget. Fortunately, you can clean just as well with cheaper cleaning agents you can make from regular items you can find in a grocery store.

Reorganize everything

Once you’ve taken stock of the things that will remain in your dorm room, it’s a good idea to store these items in places where they’ll take up less room or areas where you’ll have easy access to them. From your desk and laundry hamper to your closet, it’s crucial that you arrange everything in a presentable manner. Anything that’s bulky or takes up unnecessary space, you can simply them back in the cardboard boxes and place them in your dormitory’s communal storage space. Doing this will help maximize your limited space and will give you (and your roommate) more room to move around.


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