Bright Young Things: Four Celebrity Role Models for Teen Girls

Emma Watson and Ban Ki-Moon

Emma Watson seated next to UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon. // Photo Source: Vanderbilt Political Review

Recently, Harry Potter alumna Emma Watson made headlines when she delivered a speech about feminism and gender equality at a United Nations summit. The 24-year-old British actress received a standing ovation from the dignitaries present in the UN assembly, and news of her speech gained strong support from her peers in the field of arts and entertainment. The world certainly needs more uplifting and positive figures like Emma, because people like her are trying to make our world a better place to live in. Luckily, she is not alone when it comes to being inspirational role models for teen girls everywhere, as these five notable young celebrity ladies have shown with class and elegance.

WARNING: mentions of subjects like bulimia, self-harm, and body images issues under the cut, so please be aware before clicking the cut.

Demi Lovato (singer/actress/TV personality)

It takes guts to openly admit struggling with self-harm and bulimia, but Demi Lovato took the high road and overcame her nightmares by seeking professional help and surrounding herself with a supportive group of people she loves and trusts. Today, not only is Demi Lovato a popular music and television star who encourages young girls with body image issues to seek help and support like her, but she is also a strong ally for the LGBT community. Confident, talented, and passionate about spreading awareness on personal and social issues, she is definitely one to watch as an aspirational figure.


Lorde (singer/songwriter)

So many teen girls out there face the harsh realities that come with adolescence. You are either ostracized for the way you act and look or being interested in the kinds of things that other people perceive as weird. But thank goodness for the eccentric musical breakthrough that is Lorde. Her unconventional beauty and undeniable talent has made her a poster girl for all the young ladies out there who march to the beat of their own drums. Let’s not forget the fact that, at 17, her hit single “Royals” scored her two Grammy wins and she recently was tapped to curate the soundtrack for the next film in The Hunger Games franchise. Not bad for a girl who perfectly encapsulated the truth of being a teenager in her songs!


Tavi Gevinson (multimedia maverick)

Multitasking is no mean feat for anyone, but to those who are able to pull it off effortlessly, then hats off to them! Tavi Gevinson is certainly no stranger to the art of putting multiple feathers in her soigné cap. Not only is she a strong advocate for women’s rights, but she’s also—get ready for this—an actress, a model, a singer, a writer, and an editor of her very own magazine! No small feat for someone who’s still 18 years old. Tavi is proof that when you have several dreams, you can achieve them all with dedication and hard work.


Hilary Duff (actress/singer)

Better known by her fictional alter ego as Lizzie McGuire during her tenure on the Disney Channel, Hilary Duff is one of the rare few alums of the network to steer clear of the scandal and drama that comes with leaving the Disney image behind as one grows up. Instead, she stayed true to her good-girl persona and became involved in various philanthropic activities while maintaining her singing and acting career. And because Hilary is now a mother to a young son, she is very supportive of issues concerning good parenting like sending care kits to new mothers in the US, as well as advocating for the ban of paparazzi on celebrity kids..


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