Pros & Cons of Living Away from Home in College

Mother and daughter

Are you ready to live life in college without your Mom and Dad? // Photo Source: Huffington Post

With the fall semester already kicking into high gear for many students, the one aspect that plenty of kids in college are adjusting to is living away from their parents for the first time. For some, this is a cause for celebration; for others, it may also be a cause for despair. The great thing about college is getting to explore things outside of one’s comfort zone, and living away from home is a common experience that students have varying reactions with. Let’s take a moment to see the pros and cons on having to live without the guidance of parents once kids graduate from high school.

Pro: Privacy and independence

There’s no question that students are thrilled with the prospect of being free to do whatever they want without the interference or supervision of their parents once they move out for college. Aside from the newfound freedom, students will get to practice more advanced life skills necessary for a comfortable life of living independently. Now that their parents aren’t there to cook and clean after them, college kids are given the chance to prove that they can look after themselves without their parents’ assistance.


Con: Paying your daily expenses by yourself

At least in high school, students have the luxury of receiving a daily or weekly allowance for personal expenses. College is a whole other ballgame entirely, and parents are less likely to shell out cash to their children once they leave home. It definitely isn’t easy in the long run for many students who are used to being pampered by their folks, and that’s one of the reasons why most college students seek part-time jobs to earn some money to spend on meals, groceries, and other daily needs.


Pro: Alternative support systems are available

Kids would mostly rely on their parents for comfort and guidance when they’re having a bad day, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t have anyone to turn to when they’re feeling bad while in college. College students are often seen making close connections with classmates, dorm roommates, Greek society members, or even faculty members—familiar people who they can easily approach when they need advice or just have someone to listen to their feelings when a situation calls for it.


Con: A lingering sense of immaturity

Growing up is a challenging experience for everyone, and not all people attain a sense of maturity at the same time. Some college students often take their lives for granted while in college. They often end up losing a precious privilege because of the wrong decisions they have made simply because of the fact that they have gone without parental guidance. However, the fear of flunking college and coming home shame-faced to disappointed parents is a strong motivator. That particular thought often spurs students into positive action and work hard to achieve their goals.

With these pros and cons, think of how you can navigate your college life in the best way possible now that you’re living away from home.


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