Weird School Sports That Actually Exist

Student performing a parkour move

Discover some strange but exhilarating athletic alternatives if you’re not into common school sports. // Photo Source: Edge Parkour

Basketball, football, swimming, volleyball, hockey, baseball, track and field, cheerleading… These are just some of the common athletic fields that students actively engage in on a seasonal basis. But did you know that there are weird competitive games that certain students are also into? A bit of variety is always welcome when it comes to school sports, and here are some strange yet incredible examples of physical activities that push the boundaries of student athleticism.

Bicycle Polo

Save a horse and ride a bike instead when playing polo! If you think that the idea is absurd, you’d be hard-pressed to find a counterargument considering the mechanics of bicycle polo works just as well as the real polo played on horseback. From formal green fields to the laidback urban streets, this sport is something kids and teens in city-based schools can definitely roll with.



Who would have thought that the mere act of running and physically moving in and around architectural obstacles would become a strong athletic trend among many students? While this specific training discipline may not be for everyone, those who have a background in track and field will find this sport right up their alley and discover a whole new world of getting around in creative ways.


Sport Stacking

Think of that memorable scene in Pitch Perfect when Anna Kendrick gave an impressive singing audition and employed a percussion technique by skillfully manipulating a plastic cup with her hands. Now imagine that kind of dexterity amplified to the highest level and using multiple cups! Sport stacking is a competitive arena where students of all ages can participate—so long as they have nimble hands to do those tricks!



One of the best ways to feel like you’re acting out a video game in real life is by playing paintball. Though this activity has firm restrictions as a whole because of the hazards posed by the equipment used, there are schools that approve of the sport for their students to enjoy provided that they follow the regulations. And lucky for those kids, because a college or high school paintball team sounds fun!


Muggle Quidditch

One of the very rare cases when life imitates art, the fictional sport conceived by J.K. Rowling for her popular book series has exploded into an athletic movement that has gained international traction, particularly in top colleges and universities. Despite the lack of actual flying brooms, Bludgers, the Quaffle, and the Golden Snitch, this Muggle version is just as magical to watch and participate in.


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