What Kind of Freshman Will You Be?

Diverse college students

Are you a Fun Seeker or more of a Challenging Nonconformist? Find out what kind of freshman you will be in college below! // Photo Source: Stem College

Most graduating high school seniors have a sense of enthusiasm when they enter college. But what they might encounter once they become college freshmen might not be that different from their high school lives. In fact, college is pretty much the same when it comes to various cliques and subcultures. This isn’t to say that this is a bad thing, because knowing the various kinds of college social circles can help incoming college students some insight as to which group they’ll fit in best.


With the recent passing of Robin Williams, I’ve recently re-watched one of his movies called Good Will Hunting, which was coincidentally, set in college. This inspired me to showcase the various types of college subcultures by way of films that identify them the best. Check them out under the cut to see which group you’ll likely rub shoulders with once you officially become a university freshman.

The Fun Seekers

Always ready for a good time, the Fun Seekers are usually the type of students who work hard in the lecture rooms but party harder in fraternity houses and other cool college hangouts. While majority of this subculture may feature Greek society members and varsity athletes, Fun Seekers also include a wide variety of college students from different backgrounds who primarily heed the call of the pursuit of pleasure.


The Serious Intellectuals

The driving force of this particular group stems from honing their knowledge and using their skills to good use, especially when they get the opportunity to represent their college in a positive light. Studious but are never accused of being boring, the Serious Intellectuals are often known for being active in extracurricular activities and important sociopolitical causes that allow them to make their voices heard.


The Determined Careerists

Goal-oriented individuals, regardless of whether they are average or A-students, are a force to be reckoned with in the world of college. Students who are Determined Careerists are excited at the prospect of becoming professional experts of a particular field that they are passionate about. Some may underestimate their abilities, but make no mistake—these students can do anything once they set their mind to it!


The Challenging Nonconformists

Visionaries, wunderkinds, originals, rebels—these are just some of the words that describe the Challenging Nonconformists in college. These students go above and beyond the lessons being taught in classrooms and actually conceive of fresh and exciting ideas that they believe will help shape the culture of modern society. Precocious and savvy, these students have what it takes to break the mold and become future stars.


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