A Guide to the Different Types of Teachers in Your School Life

Teacher speaking in class

Know the different types of teachers you’ll encounter during your entire academic tenure. // Photo Source: WikiHow

Teachers are often considered as secondary parents for kids when they’re in school, and for the most part, that is a fitting description. Much of how a person becomes in life is the product of parenting at home and how teachers mold that person in an academic environment. That being said, no two teachers are ever the same. As you progress from the early years of preschool all the way to the advanced world of college life, you’ll be encountering various types of teachers. How you deal with them is a matter of experience, but getting a general idea on the kind of teacher you’ll be having during your scholastic tenure is certainly an advantage.

With the fall semester right around the corner, I figured that I’d start off with a series of sorts about school life in general, beginning with this piece on various kinds of educators you’ll meet when you’re in school. And as a fan of the Harry Potter series, I thought it was a nice touch to emphasize those types of teachers I mentioned with three well-known members of the Hogwarts faculty. Click the cut to discover more information on the matter!

The Stern Whip-Cracker

The nightmare of any average student and perhaps exaggerated a tad too much by pop culture, the disciplinarian teacher has been associated with negative connotations that most pupils would shake with fear at the very mention of a terror teacher. If you happen to be in a class that is supervised by such an individual, your best course of action would be to drop the nonsense and focus solely on your schoolwork to the best of your ability. Such teachers often want good outcomes from their students, and if you do the work that is expected of you with decent results, then you won’t be at the receiving end of their displeasure.

The Determined Samaritan

This kind of teacher has been through so many difficult students that it is virtually impossible to faze them with something shocking. Teachers of the persistent sort will go above and beyond to help troubled students, even if it means that they would have to employ unorthodox methods that might raise the eyebrows from the rest of the school faculty. And although they may have good intentions, it doesn’t often guarantee success, particularly if a hard-edged student refuses to bend to their will or assistance. Cooperation and an equal amount of determination are needed to see eye to eye with a resolute educator.

The Levelheaded Challenger

Once in a while, you’ll encounter the type of teacher that strikes the right balance between being a friendly and helpful mentor and that of a firm instructor who takes no nonsense from anyone. Usually, this kind of teacher is approachable but still maintains the kind of objective professionalism you would expect from someone who has been teaching kids for years. If you happen to have this kind of teacher, expect to be challenged but in a good way. Their teaching methods are straightforward but allow room for students to be creative, and their criticism is generally constructive to help kids learn from their mistakes.


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