Incredible School Sporting Events Around the World

Ready, set, go! Athletics are a very integral part of school life. // Photo Source: Sportbop

Athletics are an integral part of any academic institution, and many schools have gone to great lengths to ensure that their sports teams receive full support. While there are inter-school sporting competitions in various fields, probably none have come close to the media attention that these three events have garnered over the years. Despite showcasing a very distinct sport and attracting a specific audience, each of these international global sporting events have demonstrated the very best of student athletes and emphasizes the strong spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Henley Royal Regatta


Synchronized team rowing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the English high society consider it as one of their most anticipated sporting events outside of tennis (Wimbledon) and horse racing (Royal Ascot). Rowing teams from top colleges and universities in Europe and the United States compete to finish a rather challenging course set on the famous Thames River.


Rose Bowl Game


Collegiate football in the United States is a highly competitive field where teams from the best schools work hard to achieve the goal of reaching their version of the Super Bowl—the Rose Bowl Game. Every year, this American school sporting event is attended by thousands of enthusiastic college football fans looking to support and cheer for the teams who have made it all the way to the finals.


IQA World Cup


One of the rare fictional sports brought to life from the pages of a well-known book series, the game of Quidditch from Harry Potter is now considered as a legitimate athletic activity and has gained international presence in many colleges and universities. While there may be several modifications to the sport, the magic and enthusiasm that this sport brings to its fans is nothing short of impressive.


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