Life in College: The Different Types of Roommates You’ll Likely Get

Learn how to deal with different types of roommates when you’re in college. // Photo Source: The Cord

If you are an incoming college freshman, one of the things you’ll likely experience as part of your life in college is getting a roommate. Whether you’ll be living in a university dorm room or staying in an off-campus apartment, a college roommate is something that can inspire a wide variety of emotions that depends on the type of person you will be living with for most of the school year.

Previously, I’ve talked about the kinds of teachers you’ll be dealing with during your life as a student. This time around, I’m here to talk about the kinds of roommates you’ll be getting if you’re a college freshman. This idea was inspired by a CollegeHumor video that a friend of my shared on Facebook and I figured it was a good jumping point for this post. And although I might have made a more realistic spin on the “monster roommates” that the video showcased (which you can see after the cut), the similarities are still apparent (if you squint carefully, that is). Here’s a rundown of the kinds of roommates you’ll likely be getting in college and how to best deal with them.

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A Guide to the Different Types of Teachers in Your School Life

Teacher speaking in class

Know the different types of teachers you’ll encounter during your entire academic tenure. // Photo Source: WikiHow

Teachers are often considered as secondary parents for kids when they’re in school, and for the most part, that is a fitting description. Much of how a person becomes in life is the product of parenting at home and how teachers mold that person in an academic environment. That being said, no two teachers are ever the same. As you progress from the early years of preschool all the way to the advanced world of college life, you’ll be encountering various types of teachers. How you deal with them is a matter of experience, but getting a general idea on the kind of teacher you’ll be having during your scholastic tenure is certainly an advantage.

With the fall semester right around the corner, I figured that I’d start off with a series of sorts about school life in general, beginning with this piece on various kinds of educators you’ll meet when you’re in school. And as a fan of the Harry Potter series, I thought it was a nice touch to emphasize those types of teachers I mentioned with three well-known members of the Hogwarts faculty. Click the cut to discover more information on the matter!

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Incredible School Sporting Events Around the World

Ready, set, go! Athletics are a very integral part of school life. // Photo Source: Sportbop

Athletics are an integral part of any academic institution, and many schools have gone to great lengths to ensure that their sports teams receive full support. While there are inter-school sporting competitions in various fields, probably none have come close to the media attention that these three events have garnered over the years. Despite showcasing a very distinct sport and attracting a specific audience, each of these international global sporting events have demonstrated the very best of student athletes and emphasizes the strong spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

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