Keeping Your Mind Sharp Over the Break

Being out of school during the summer may take a toll on your mind. By the time you return to the academic world, you might find yourself caught in a brain drain.

That’s why you need to exercise your brain in order to be prepared upon going back to school! And here are a few ways which you can do for that purpose.

  1. Meet new people

It is important for you to be social over the break and spark discussions and conversations with people. Being able to mingle with others is a great way to provoke one’s thoughts and keep up with various matters. That way, your mind will be working to a greater extent.

  1. Do brain exercises

Activities or games such as Sudoku or other puzzle games may help stimulate your brain. If that’s not your thing, studies have shown that video games improve cognitive function. I bet the inner nerd in you is screaming at the thought! But don’t play too much—it’s just not healthy for you.

  1. Study independently

Whatever your interests are—marketing, economics, or philosophy—you may want to read up on them during the break. You don’t have to force yourself to study a subject matter you’re not really interested in. Just focus on those which you like and which would also be beneficial to your program in school.

  1. Take summer classes

This entry makes a great case on why you should take summer classes. And trust me; being in school during the break isn’t all that bad! You’d get to finish earlier, be given more focus on certain subjects, and you’ll have something productive to do instead of moping around and not doing anything.

It is essential that you keep yourself sharp during the summer. After all, why would you want to come unprepared when it comes to academic matters?

So if you want to keep yourself from being dull, the tips above might just help.


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