Ways to Get Your Children Excited for School

Encourage your child to go to school every day!

Encourage your child to go to school every day!
Image source: More4Kids

As dads in general, our children can sometimes just hate having to go to school every single day. This can be difficult, since we all know their education is important and we’d have to encourage our children every step of the way, regardless of how old they are.

How do we do this? Below are a few ideas that will help your kids feel more excited to go to school every day!

  1. Sandwich bag drawings

I recently read this article about a dad drawing illustrations on his child’s sandwich bag. This encourages children to go to school and show off the drawing their dad made for them. It also makes for an exciting lunch among kids, and a good way to encourage young children to go to school.

  1. Personalizing school gear

Dads may also personalize a child’s school gear with neat stuff! How about having toys dangle from school bags, or gadgets which would pique the interest of other kids? Not only is the idea cool—it also encourages friendship, especially for shy kids! Check your child’s school regulations first, though, in case this kind of personalization goes against school rules.

  1. Dressing up awesomely every morning

This may not be anywhere near as effective on teenagers, as per what I’ve read in this article, but for kids, a dad dressing up as a superhero or a beloved character would be a really awesome sendoff to the school bus. Imagine the look on the other kids’ faces once they see you in a full Superman costume! I can already hear them saying “Your dad is Superman?” from a distance!

  1. Stocking up on snacks

Kids love snacks. Encouraging them in small ways, like giving them snacks as rewards for going to school, can sometimes encourage them to ride that school bus every single morning. Alternatively, you may also want to try rewarding them with snacks for good grades. Hey, it beats the more expensive alternatives!


You probably have some ideas of your own. Care to share them here?


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