Sitting Down With a Graduate Coordinator

For anyone in grad school, it’s important to sit down with your graduate coordinator. Coordinators like me guide graduate students in order to further their goals as they go through every milestone in graduate school.

What exactly are the roles of a graduate coordinator? Why should any graduate student seek them in handling certain issues regarding their program and academe? Here are a few points which you may want to consider in order for you to understand why it’s essential to seek out a coordinator.

  • Graduate coordinators monitor students’ progress

From admission to enrollment and from compliance of rules and procedures to taking exams, graduate coordinators like me make sure that students fulfill every requirement, as well as guide them every step of the way, in case they encounter issues.

I’ve seen a lot of students who haven’t consulted me beforehand and this caused a lot of problems when it came to their academe. I always encourage them to seek my help and report to me regarding their progress so that I may direct them on how to go about things.

  • Graduate coordinators advise students

On that note, it is also my duty as graduate coordinator to inform and take note of their responsibilities. I certainly don’t want to see them run around the campus like headless chickens.

Making use of our experience and qualifications, we allow our students to be counseled in case they run into certain issues which may either be personal or academic related. From there, I’d be able to assess and solve whichever issue they’re experiencing.

  • Coordinators work closely with the admissions office

We coordinators handle the affairs with regards to getting a student into grad school in the first place. By that, we grant the admissions office information which students provide to us—as well as the requirements they’ve complied with.

The next time you run into issues with your program, don’t hesitate to come to people like me for help!


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