Taking a Break before Grad School

As a graduate coordinator, I’ve often faced many of those in grad school who are apparently bombarded with school work. They feel as if they’re burnt out.

What they fail to take into consideration is that they may take a break first if they truly want to! I’d like to state a few reasons as to why taking a break before actually entering grad school is important.

  1. You can evaluate your options

Finding yourself first is a significant factor before actually entering the grueling world of grad school. During your soul searching, you might realize that grad school isn’t for you, or that it isn’t time to enter grad school yet. Who knows—you might decide to head on down a different path.

  1. You might want to gain some experience first

Now, you wouldn’t exactly call working a good way to take a break. But then, who said taking a break is limited to going on vacation! There are certain trends nowadays with the job market and it’s essential that you know what they’re all about before trying to get a hold of a post-grad degree.

  1. You need to prepare

Like any soldier, you must arm yourself with ammunition or willpower before going into battle. And believe me—grad school is a battlefield where you’re impelled to fight for yourself, or else you’d be wasting time and resources. That is why it is absolutely valuable that you prep up for what to expect in whatever program you’re in.

  1. You need to save up

Face it: Graduate school is expensive. If your savings aren’t enough, you might be stuck halfway. Don’t put up with that—save up first, but not before assessing the cost of being in graduate school. By then, you won’t run into any more financial problems.

So why don’t you take a break before entering grad school first? You’re not in a hurry, so make use of the time you have!


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