Ways to Ace Grad School Entrance Exams

ExamIt’s only natural to get nervous about entering grad school, especially when there’s an entrance exam waiting for you. Being able to pass the exam requires a whole lot of effort. This is expected when you’re trying to take a step forward in your academic life.

So how exactly do you ace the dreaded exam? Allow me, as a graduate coordinator, to present a few tips for you and others who are off to take the entrance test after an interview!

  1. Review and study

This is rather obvious, to be honest—a no brainer, to put things bluntly. The thing is that some candidates just don’t take the time to study. This isn’t a high school or college entrance exam. You’re going to have to learn about more advanced concepts of what you have grasped during your college days.

  1. Prepare yourself for the unfamiliar

There are a lot of terms and definitions which you haven’t learned back in college. As such, advanced reading of given ideas would be best, as it is according to your initiative. You’re not being force fed to enter grad school; it is according to your choice that you try and enter. Hence, being able to take action and reading in advance is your best course.

  1. Finish the troublesome sections in the exam first

Want to be practical in answering exams? It is best that you handle the parts which you find difficult first and foremost, since your memory would be fresh early on. Later, answering questions will then be a breeze, since you’ll only be answering the easy ones.

  1. Mind your review materials

A lot of “reviewers” in the market aren’t that credible and would usually present made-up questions. Don’t waste your time and money getting such reviewers and studying whatever’s in them. Do some research before getting a hold of one.

  1. Put your mind at ease

Although you can’t help but be nervous about taking the entrance exam, just relax. Whenever you panic, you won’t be able to think straight and answer properly.

I hope I gave sound advice on how to handle grad school entrance exams. If you intend on entering grad school anytime soon, good luck! I wish you all the best.


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