Will a Master’s Degree Make You More Employable?

smiling-student1I understand the hype over getting master’s degree well enough. They say having such a degree will make you stand out among the rest in the job market.

You want to hear my take? Well, to be honest, there really isn’t a definite answer. I believe everything depends on certain circumstances.

The more important thing about taking a master’s degree is what you’re going to do with it. This means that you’d have to take a master’s degree for a specific purpose which will further develop your proficiency in a certain program.

Employment is not much of a driving factor whenever you’re taking up a master’s program.

Some people take a master’s degree in order to further their skills in a given field, whereas others would simply enroll in order to bridge the gap between graduation and the professional world.

Another person might be taking a master’s degree in order to advance in his or her career, which is quite different from those of which who haven’t been employed yet.

Also, a lot of master’s students are probably opting to shift to another field, yet don’t want to put up with taking another undergraduate degree, so a master’s degree is a fairly good choice.

Bottomline: I don’t believe people really consider employment to be the driving factor in taking a master’s degree. Although you do have that certain edge over the other applicants, you probably have to take into account that you should have a really good reason for enrolling in a master’s program.


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