What’s With the Ph.D Dropout Rate?

studying-bohAccording to this article, about 50 percent of doctoral students drop out without finishing. This is quite alarming. As a graduate coordinator, I also treat it as my job to make sure that these students make it through grad school, specifically their doctoral studies.

The thing is, they aren’t required to finish their graduate studies—and that is expected. There are just others who simply couldn’t make it.

However, they should have taken into consideration that attrition drains away the following things:

  • Money

Graduate studies don’t come cheap. It’s not exactly favorable for anyone to drop out, especially when there had already been an extensive investment at hand.

  • Time

In relation to the previous point, all the time spend in grad school could have been spent earning money. It would therefore be a waste to drop out without getting any benefit at all!

  • Skills

So much talent would be put to waste, when not developed through graduate programs. Regardless of what that person is good at, it would be quite squandering in any case.

Perhaps it is best to evaluate oneself before even entering grad school, most especially taking a doctoral program.

It may not be an easy task finally getting to wear one’s academic regalia upon attaining a doctorate degree, but it sure is worth it when you’re simply cut out for the grueling tasks ahead.


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