Making Spring Cleaning More Engaging

Far away from home, students—especially those in college—usually have trouble cleaning up their living space during the spring. How does one make it seem less of a chore?

If you’re having difficulty starting out, here are some tips in order to make spring cleaning a little easier and less tedious for you.

1.)    Play some music

wb-spring-lead--20130830125812780389-300x0Studies show that classical music from the Baroque era increases productivity! Pieces by Vivaldi and Pachelbel improve work satisfaction, be it in the office or tasks as simple as cleaning out your living space.

If you’re not into classical music, you may go for the ambient techno route. But really, it’s your choice. Whatever music floats your boat!

2.)    Find some company

304Cleaning up your living space alone is depressing. But you have the choice of letting friends join in. Having people to talk and laugh with will always break the monotony of tidying up your space.

Afterwards, you can always get together for some pizza to reward yourselves for a job well done.

3.)    Incorporate your hobbies

sb10068644j-001Do you love to paint? Then get creative when repainting your walls! Love to decorate? Include something new when rearranging your things, such as that souvenir you got during your trip to Thailand! It’s always good to see something new where you live.

4.)    Take short breaks

Taking regular breaks—at least short ones—will help your mind recover. Your brain works like muscles in your body: If you strain your muscles too much through working out every single day, they won’t be able to recover due to fatigue.

relaxed_manSimilarly, your mind gets tired and cleaning up will begin to appear more tedious than ever. That’s why you need to take a short break every once in a while to improve your focus and productivity! 10-minute breaks ought to do the trick.

How about you? Do you have any spring cleaning tips? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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