Caught in the Graduation Rush? 3 Great Online Resources for Graduation Items

Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Thousands of students will surely end the academic year with much pomp and joy.  If you are one of them, congrats!

As a student (back in the day), I know how hard it is if you could not reserve an academic regalia ahead of time. First, the items become way too expensive and second, you have to get one for yourself if you didn’t get a package offered earlier in the academic year by a coordinator.

Nowadays, you don’t have to worry if you think the academic regalia package offered in school is way too expensive. Several online resources offer stock graduation regalia at a fraction of a cost of traditional vendors—especially if bought late in the season.

Here are some of them:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the sites listed below in any way. Prices and quality of the products may differ, but no comparison is made in this post so as not to affect the reader’s judgment. What I’ll provide is a description of the general services/products offered by the sites.


1.)    Gradshop

“Get ready for the world.”


Gradshop offers academic regalia sets for kindergarten up to doctorate students (yes, everything in between too). They also offer graduation accessories like diploma frames, honor cords, and stoles. They also offer graduation gifts and keepsakes for each academic level (e.g. varsity jackets for high school and key chains for pre-school).

Gradshop’s site is easily navigable. With just one click of a certain category, the product and price is seen immediately and you can place your order right then and there.


2.)    GraduationCapandGown

“Graduation: Now easier than ever.”

Screenshot_8 offers a more specific niche of academic regalia. They only specialize in college, masters and doctoral graduation attire and accessories (e.g. bachelors and master’s gown, doctoral gown, beefeaters, tams and hoods).

This comes in handy for people who are not just graduating students, but are also part of academic faculty who are required to attend a graduation ceremony every year (like me).

Like Gradshop,’s site is organized by category which makes the site very user-friendly and navigable. Finding the right item is fast and easy.


3.)    GradKids

“Everything you need for your child’s graduation, all in one place.”


Parents, rejoice! If you are worried that your kiddo still doesn’t have a gown or cap for the upcoming graduation, then this site is your life-saver! From the name of the site itself, this online retailer caters to the academic regalia needs of preschool and kindergarten kids.

All the cute stuff is here—mini graduation gowns, caps, stoles and even hoods! They also have several items that can make great graduation souvenirs.

Like the first two sites, the items in GradKids are categorized so it is easy to find and browse around their online catalog.


So far, those are the sites that I think are reliable when it comes to graduation item orders. You may also find great discount coupons and save yourself a few bucks (or get a free shipping service). Other than that, happy shopping and have a memorable graduation!


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